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Two for Tuesday | Om

Last week after a family photo session, I had the chance to sit along the coastline at Terranea Resort to gather my thoughts. There is something about the ocean I'm always gravitated to. Perhaps for its calming effects. Waves crashing. Wind blowing. Salty air. And within these moments, all concerns & worries were carried away. I returned home that evening feeling so ever refreshed, calm, and very happy. It was a little meditation that was much needed.

A Wild One!

Happiest of birthdays to The Kind of the Wild, Augustine! He turned one a couple weeks ago and had the most magical birthday party ever! It included a petting zoo with mini horses dressed as unicorns, baby piglets, miniature goats, sheep, and a 7 month old sweet baby cow. Every piece of decor was thoroughly thought out - from moss covered letter "A" down to his stats board, which included many details of his first year and oh-so cleverly done too (see below). Thank you Auggie for having me! May all your dreams come true, my King.

crown: kimmie nguyen photography / teepee: kimmie nguyen photography / "one" banner: kimmie nguyen photography / tail: amazon / decor: mom (fancy nancy events) / stats art board: mimi & michelle / cake: albertsons, custom designed by mom (fancy nancy events) / petting zoo: happy hooves / food: THH sandwich & northgate market

Film | The Broad Museum

As promised from my previous post, here are some images from my roll of film I had developed. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what I was doing while shooting because I've never shot indoors with my 35mm film camera before. I gotta say though, I am absolutely in love with how they turned out! I really love the imperfections. Look at the grain and shadows, I love how it adds mysterious moods provoking thoughts and feelings -this is totally the reason why I emulate film into my digital photography. It completely brings it all together for me; authenticity and pure happiness. Hopefully, for you too.

Film | San Francisco

It has been a long while since I've taken out my Canon 35mm film camera and even forgot I still had film in it. After finishing off the rest of the roll at the Broad Museum, I took the film to have it developed onto a digital file. I waited 3 days (which felt like an eternity) with excitement not knowing what exactly was captured on film. The results melted my heart. There were images from a quick trip to San Francisco back in August 2014! I was so happy to finally have them developed because it brought back so much fond memories. I can't believe I forgot all about them. Here are some of my SF favorites! I will include images from the Broad Museum in my next post. 


This trip was back in March 2015. Norway is one of the most beautiful country I've ever seen. Every stop shocked us with something even more amazing than what we already had experienced.  We trekked across Norway by train, railway, boat, and bus. We stopped by the small towns of Flam and Voss and making our way to the cultural sea port of Bergen.  We also witnessed the Aurlandsfjord from sea level, from the top and floating through. Lastly, we hiked the breathtaking snowy mountain above the city of Bergen.  Here are some of my favorite moments. Enjoy!

Feather & Fernweh | Mixtape v.9

This here is music to my heart...     

     Track List:

  1. Kings of Diamonds - Motopony
  2. Don't You Want Me - Bahamas, The Weather Station
  3. Stay Alive - José Gonzáles
  4. Your New Beloved - Lovelife
  5. Lucky Now - Ryan Adams
  6. Vapour - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  7. Museum of Flight - Damien Jurado

Listen to Mixtape v.9 on Spotify



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Happy December: Mixtape v.7

It's been a crazy busy time for me with academic studies & family photo-shoots that I almost forgot to share with you my monthly mixtape. But it's better late than never. This month's soundtrack has helped me get through my days of studying and photo editing. I must say it's one of my favorite mixes thus far. Partly because I'm so very obsessed with Blood Orange (as you will noticed many of their tracks are on here).  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Listen to Mixtape v.7 on Spotify

      Track List:

  1. Manhattan - Cat Power
  2. Chamakay - Blood Orange
  3. The Riot's Gone - Santigold
  4. Fancy Restaurant - Gang Colours
  5. On the Line - Blood Orange
  6. Bashful - Kwes
  7. Someone Else - Wild Child
  8. You're Not Good Enough - Blood Orange
  9. We Are Gonna Be Friends - First Aid Kit, Bright Eyes
  10. Back on Me - Electric Guest
  11. Bad Girls - Blood Orange
  12. Pulaski at Night - Andrew Bird
  13. Burning - The Whitest Boy Alive
  14. Time Will Tell - Blood Orange
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Sweet November: Mixtape v.6

For your listening pleasure, I introduce to you Mixtape v.6 - Listen on Spotify

     Track List:  

  1. Flesh Rots, Pip Sown - Biblo
  2. Brandy Alexander - Feist
  3. Big Boy - Balam Acab
  4. Wen Uuu - Shlohmo
  5. I Don't Want You Calling - Gang Colours
  6. Tightrope - Shugo Tokumaru
  7. Desire - Heavenly Beat
  8. I'll Be Your Mirror - The Velvet Underground
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Journey of Fashion

A few weeks ago I attended a fashion show at Redondo Beach Performing Arts hosted by The Charles Brown Entertainment Group. I was absolutely honored when they asked me to photograph the event. Charles Brown Entertainment Group puts on fashion productions which provide a platform for the talented people of their community. They offer opportunities for those who are interested in dancing, modeling, and/or singing, a night to showcase their talent on stage. The Charles Brown Entertainment is also a partner with the non-profit organization, Inner City Child Development and Youth. After having read the background of the entertainment group and their cause, I couldn't resist volunteering my time & work to a special event. My personal thanks goes to Janessa Danyelle Evans for reaching out to me and everyone whom I met at Journey of Exquisite Fashions. All the models and performers were so beautiful and vibrant. Keep your dreams alive and follow your passion!

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Feather & Fernweh | Mixtape v.5

Listen on


Track List

Let Go - RAC, Kele, MNDR

Consensual - Heavenly Beat

Don't Swallow the Cap - The National 

Spirit - Delorean

Your Fine Petting Duck - Devendra Banhart

La Prima Estate - Erlend Oye

Icarus - White Hinterland

Troublemaker - Camera Obscura

Won't You Come Over - Devendra Banhart

Scenes from the Weekend

On Saturday, my friends and I were in Long Beach for a one year celebration at

Make Collective


La Femme Vintage

. In the evening we ventured off to Downtown Santa Ana for their monthly

Art Walk

. It's held on the first Saturday of every month with free admission. So if you're ever in the area, come check it out! 

I forgot to load my camera with my memory card (I hate it when this happens!), but here are a couple of images from my iPhone. Enjoy and have a great Monday!

Feather & Fernweh | Happy August!

I'm really feeling the summer bliss as late and guess what?! It's Feather & Fernweh's 1st birthday! This mixtape on


is the result of of my joy. Happy listening!

Track List


No Stranger - Small Black

Mornin' - Star Slinger

Borderline - Classixx

Hawaii - Blackbird Blackbird

Sunshine - Little Dragon

Harvest Moon - Poolside

Champagne Coast - Blood Orange

Hours - Tycho


I had the chance to share in a joyous day with my closest friends and their family yesterday.  Together we celebrated their children's baptism with family-style Thai food at Thai Nakorn. The food was delicious! It was a terrific ending to a gluttonous 4-day weekend.
Scenes from 4th of July

Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend. It was definitely a good break, but it's back to reality we go.  Have a great week!

Whenever I am in need of a place to clear my mind, the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Garden seems to always do the trick. There is something about being at a botanical garden that makes the world stop and nothing else seems to matter. I was also feeling the need to see peacocks. The L.A. Arboretum could be the best place to view these beautiful creatures in the flesh. They roam about freely at this location.  I even saw a very vocal peacock hanging out on the rooftop that reminded me of "Kevin" from the movie UP. It was cool to see so many in one area.  I snapped so many pictures that I'm pretty sure they thought I was annoying.